Psalms  ◦   Chapter 1

1Happy and healthy are those
who refuse to listen to the selfish
or practice the methods of exploitation
or develop minds that mock God and his designs.

2Instead, they delight in God’s methods and designs (laws),
they study, adore and internalize his protocols (laws) constantly, like day follows night.

3They are like trees planted by a stream, drawing in life-giving nourishment
and producing fruit of a godly character
that will not wither or die.
Whatever they do flourishes.

4But life is not possible for the wicked — those that prefer the methods of selfishness!
They are out of harmony with God’s design for life and are like dead husks
that blow away with the wind.

5They remain unhealed and will be accurately diagnosed as terminal;
They will fail to enter into eternal life with the righteous —
those healed to God’s original and right design for life.

6The spiritually healthy (righteous) live in harmony with God and his designs,
but the wicked don’t: they refuse healing, remain terminal and will perish.