Psalms  ◦   Chapter 6

1Talk to me Lord! Please don’t give up on me;
teach me, but don’t be angry with me.

2I’m so tired, Lord, please grant me your strength.
O Lord, heal my brokenness, for I hurt deep inside.

3My heart is heavy; I feel torn apart!
How long, O Lord, how long must I endure?

4O Lord, rescue me and restore to me a healthy and holy self;
heal me — write your law of love within me.

5I don’t want to die — where thoughts cease and I can’t think of you —
I can’t praise you from the grave.

6But I’m dying of grief;
I can’t stop crying:
all night long the tears soak my pillow.

7My eyes grieve to see
that my enemies are those that I love.

8Depart from me you whose hearts do not love but are hardened in selfishness,
for the Lord knows how it grieves me to let you go.

9The Lord has granted my request;
he answers my prayers.

10All my enemies will be ashamed and consumed with fear;
they will run away confused, disgraced, and hopeless.