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Psalms  ◦   Chapter 93

1The Lord reigns supreme, covered in majesty;
the Lord is covered in majesty — the majesty of infinite love
secured and bound by the strength of infinite truth.
The world is established as the showcase of your methods of love;
your design laws for life cannot be changed.

2Your rulership was established long ago when you built all reality;
you created time and existed before time began.

3Seas of selfish beings have risen up, O Lord,
the seas of the selfish have raised their voices in opposition to your rule;
the seas of the selfish have pounded against your kingdom of truth and love.

4Love is mightier than the thundering flood of selfishness;
truth is mightier than the stormy seas of lies and deceit —
the Lord, Creator God on high, is mighty!

5Your design protocols for life can never be changed;
holiness and healthiness — perfection in all things — adorn your house
for all eternity, O Lord.