Psalms  ◦   Chapter 32

1Happy are they
whose wicked minds are restored to perfect purity,
whose selfishness is eradicated.

2Happy is the person
whose infected heart the Lord transforms to perfection,
in whose mind there is no deceit.

3When I held onto my guilt and shame, refusing to talk to God,
I stressed myself and my body decayed
because every day I screamed, "no!" denying the truth.

4But day and night
your healing hand pressed firmly upon me;
my resistance evaporated
like water in the summer heat.

5Then I admitted my sin-sickness to you
and did not hide my character-deformity.
I said, "I will confess
my selfishness to the Lord" —
and you healed me
and freed me from guilt.

6Therefore let all the faithful ask you for this same healing
while healing is still possible;
then when the guilt, shame and regrets of life come flooding in,
the faithful will not drown in them.

7You are my safe harbor;
you protect me from the storms of life
and turn my life into a song of deliverance.

8The Lord says, "I will teach you my methods and how to live in harmony with my designs;
I will guide you and watch over you.

9Don’t be like the unthinking horse or mule
that do not reason or understand
and must be forced by bit and bridle
to follow the simplest instructions."

10Many are the sufferings of those who defy your designs,
but those who trust the Lord
are healed by his never-failing love.

11Celebrate God’s goodness and be happy, you spiritually-healthy;
sing for joy, all you with hearts like God’s!