Psalms  ◦   Chapter 60

1O God, you have let us go our own way, and we are broken down;
you have been displeased with our selfishness —
please come back and restore us!

2The nation is fractured and split apart;
heal its wounds, for we are shaken and about to fall.

3You have let us see how hard life is when we leave you:
you let us drink the wine of our own ideas
and we no longer walk the straight and narrow way.

4But for those who revere you and love your ways, you have given a standard
that they may follow to avoid destruction.

5Heal and restore us with your power,
that those who accept your love may be transformed.

6God has spoken from his dwelling place:
"I will rejoice to give humanity the earth —
all of it, until east meets west.

7Gilead in the east and Manasseh in the west are mine;
Ephraim will be a strong leader,
Judah will be the father of the Sovereign.

8Enemies like Moab will be washed away,
foes like Edom will be cast off like a worn-out shoe.
Because of me, enemies like Philistia cry out."

9Who will lead me into the fortified city?
Who will lead me into Edom?

10O God, you haven’t given up on us, have you?
Is it you refusing to fight in our behalf?

11O help us out of our affliction,
for all our efforts to save ourselves are worthless.

12In union with God we will be restored — strong and healthy,
and he will defeat our enemy.