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Psalms  ◦   Chapter 86

1A prayer of David

Pay special attention to me, O Lord, and please answer me,
for I am frail, dying in my terminal state and need your help.

2Save me from death, for I trust you with my life.
Heal me, my Creator God, for I serve and trust only you.

3Pour your healing remedy into my heart, O Lord,
for my mind is in open communion with you all day long.

4Give me the happiness that comes from healthiness of soul,
because I have turned to you for renewal, Lord.

5For you, Lord, are kind and forgiving,
eager to pour your healing love into all who call on you.

6Lord, pay special attention to my prayer;
listen kindly to my cry for deliverance.

7Whenever I am in trouble I call on you,
for you always answer me.

8Lord, there is no god like you among the pagan gods —
none who create and sustain life upon love like you do.

9All the nations you have established
will come and acknowledge you as worthy, Lord,
and will honor your character of love.

10For you are great and do amazing things;
you alone are our Creator God.

11Teach me how you built life to operate, O God,
and I will live in harmony with your design;
renew my heart into perfect adoration of your character of love.

12I will praise you with my renewed heart, O Lord my God,
and magnify your character of love forever.

13For the outflow of your healing love to me is great:
you cure my inmost being,
delivering my individuality from deep torment and total disintegration.

14O God, selfish and arrogant people rise up against me;
a heartless gang seeks to kill me:
they do not respect you or value your method of love.

15But you, O Lord, are a compassionate, patient and gracious God —
the source of life-giving love and truth.

16Come to me and pour your gracious remedy upon me;
infuse your mighty transforming power into me
and cure me because I choose to serve you, just as my mother did.

17Make me a sign of your goodness,
that my enemies might see your healing in me and be ashamed,
because you, O Lord, have renewed and restored me.