Psalms  ◦   Chapter 5

1Hear my words, O Lord,
but pay special attention to the secret longings of my heart.

2Hear my voice when I cry out,
my God and my King,
for it is your intervention that I want.

3Each morning, O Lord, you will hear my voice;
each morning I will present myself to you
and eagerly follow your leading.

4O God, you are not pleased with violations of your design;
those who insist on death cannot dwell in your life-giving presence.

5The haughty and proud flee from your presence;
you hate all deviations from your design.

6All those who reject the truth and cling to lies will cease to exist;
the Lord abhor lies and everything that causes eternal death.

7But I, by your infinite love,
am renewed in love to dwell in your house;
in awe, I will adore you
and in your holy presence grow in my knowledge of you.

8Lord, teach me how to live in harmony with your methods and designs
or my enemies will destroy me;
make your ways plain for me to understand.

9The words they speak bring only death;
their mouths utter only lies about God.
The poison of lies from the serpent Satan is on their lips,
because they have accepted his version of God.

10Diagnose them as terminal, O God!
Let their false remedy be their doom.
Let them go who cling to their sin-sickness,
for they rebel against your treatment and violate your designs.

11But all who trust you and follow your directions will be restored to wellness;
they will sing for joy.
Spread your healing hand over them,
that those who love your methods and principles may celebrate in your presence.

12For truly, O Creator God, you make happy those restored to unity with you;
your love surrounds them like a shield.