Psalms  ◦   Chapter 149

1Praise the Lord.
Sing to the Lord a new heart-song,
sing his praise in the company
of those renewed to be like him.

2Let those who, with God, overcome
celebrate their unity with their Creator;
let the people of heaven’s kingdom rejoice in their King.

3Let them praise with dancing his character of love,
and accompanied by tambourine and harp, sing his praises.

4For the Lord loves and enjoys his people;
he heals them, crowning the humble with eternal life.

5Let the godly rejoice in their healing — their glorification —
singing for joy as they are finally at rest.

6The exaltation of God is in their mouths
as they wield the power of the two-edged sword of truth

7to defeat the lies and selfishness of the wicked
and rebuke the worldliness of the people,

8binding their rulers with the chains of searing truth
and shackling their leaders with iron-clad reality,

9to make known their terminal condition diagnosed against them.
The honor of wielding the truth is the privilege of all the healed.
Praise the Lord.