Psalms  ◦   Chapter 59

1Save me from my enemies, O my God;
protect from those who rise up against me.

2Save me from the selfish — those who exploit others —
and from murderers.

3Look how they lurk in the shadows, seeking to take my life!
The strong and mighty in this selfish world conspire against me,
but not because I offended or did something wrong, O Lord.

4Though I have done nothing wrong, they are determined to attack me —
come, stand beside me and see.

5O Majestic God, Creator and God of all who in union with you prevail,
step in and take charge of the persistently selfish who oppose your remedy;
don’t reward or show favor to the liars, cheats and backstabbers.

6They come out when the sun goes down;
howling like dogs,
they prowl about the city.

7They vomit filth from their mouths —
their words are like daggers flying forth to pierce and wound,
so why listen?

8You, O Lord, don’t take their words seriously;
you know their words are evidence of their corruption.

9You are my strength, so I will cling to you;
you, O God, are my refuge.

10The God of love will come to me,
he will help me see who my enemies are.

11Don’t kill them,
for the people will quickly forget and continue to ignore you.
Instead, use your power to shake their self-sufficient world,

bring them down from their haughtiness.

12Because they misrepresent your design
and promote a false remedy,
they are imprisoned by their own pride.

Because they are sworn to the lies they speak,

13their poisonous beliefs will destroy them —
destroy them completely.
Then all will understand how God rules — as revealed in Israel
and shown throughout the entire world.

14They come out when the sun goes down;
howling like dogs,
they prowl about the city.

15They roam around looking for something to devour
and howl when nothing satisfies.

16But I will sing of your strength;
I will sing of your never-failing love in the morning,
for you are my safe haven —
my healing sanctuary in the time of trouble.

17I will sing of God my strength;
you, O God, are my refuge, my God of perfect love.