Psalms  ◦   Chapter 108

1My heart is set right with you, O God;
my life is a song glorifying your character of love.

2Awake, my harp and all my instruments,
to start each day with a song of love,

3giving thanks to you before all peoples,
giving praise to you before all nations.

4For your love is great, overarching, permeating and governing the heavens;
your trustworthiness sustains the sky.

5Be exalted as Creator — God who built all the heavens —
and let your glorious character of love shine over all the earth.

6Heal and restore us with your power,
that those who accept your love may be transformed.

7God has spoken from his dwelling place:
"I will rejoice to give humanity the earth —
all of it, until east meets west.

8Gilead in the east and Manasseh in the west are mine;
Ephraim will be a strong leader,
Judah will be the father of the Sovereign.

9Enemies like Moab will be washed away,
foes like Edom will be cast off like a worn-out shoe.
Because of me, enemies like Philistia cry out."

10Who will lead me into the fortified city?
Who will lead me into Edom?

11O God, you haven’t given up on us, have you?
Are you refusing to fight in our behalf?

12O help us out of our affliction,
for all our efforts to save ourselves are worthless.

13In union with God we will be restored — strong and healthy,
and he will defeat our enemy.