Psalms  ◦   Chapter 31

1O Lord, I come to you for healing:
don’t let guilt and shame destroy me;
restore me to your perfect design.

2Listen to me — listen closely
and heal me — heal me quickly;
be my unfailing remedy,
a healing sanctuary to renew me.

3Since you are my remedy and my sanctuary,
reveal your character of love by recreating me in your image.

4Free me from fear and selfishness which have entrapped me,
for you are my remedy.

5I trust you, and I place my life in your hands,
for you will cure me — no matter the price,
O my Creator — God of reality.

6I hate the persistent use of false remedies;
my confidence is in the Lord alone.

7I will celebrate and rejoice in your love — your healing design for life,
for you saw the misery of my terminal condition
and knew the cause of the sickness ravaging my inner self.

8You have not surrendered me to be enslaved by fear and selfishness —
the enemies of your design —
but have enabled me to stand free, renewed in truth and love.

9Pour your healing grace upon me, O Lord, lest I be crushed by guilt and shame;
my eyes are swollen from crying,
my heart is torn with sorrow and regret.

10My life is stuck, consumed with guilt — with reliving my mistakes;
years I wasted bemoaning the past.
I’m exhausted, worn out with guilt;
I am getting weaker and weaker every day.

11My enemies — lies, fear and selfishness — have made me ashamed,
my neighbors are tired of my self-loathing.
My friends dread to hear more of my constant negativity —
when they see me coming, they hide from me.

12They have moved on, put me out of their minds as if I were dead;
I am considered broken beyond repair.

13I hear criticism in the words of others,
I am terrified around people:
they make plots to undermine me
and seek to crush my heart.

14But I put my trust in you, O Lord;
you are my God!

15My future is in your hands:
free me from fear and selfishness — my enemies
that constantly pursue me.

16Immerse your servant in your life-giving glory;
heal me with your unfailing love.

17Negate my shame, O Lord,
for I call upon you;
but let the unhealed be consumed by shame —
may they lie silent in the grave.

18May the promotion of all false remedies be stopped,
for the self-sufficient deny reality —
they scorn God’s design for life.

19Beyond counting are the benefits of your goodness —
the treasures you have built into reality for all who humbly follow you;
those who trust you and follow your methods
reap your blessings for all the universe to see.

20You eradicate their sin-sickness by your presence — your secret plan —
freeing them from the trap of pride and selfishness;
in your sanctuary you defend them
from the words of the accuser.

21All praise and honor be to the Lord
for the wonders of his unfailing love that rescued me
when I was besieged by worldliness.

22Terrified, I cried,
"I have cut myself off from God!"
But you heard my plea for mercy
when I called out to you for help.

23Love the Lord, all his faithful followers!
The Lord preserves those who live in harmony with his design,
but the arrogant who choose their own way he leaves to reap their full reward.

24Be strong and confident,
all you who hope in the Lord.