Psalms  ◦   Chapter 43

1O God, disclose my spiritual-health for all to see,
prove my harmony with your design —
defend me from the legal condemnation of the ungodly world;
deliver me from the deceitful human system.

2O God, you are my strength.
For how long will you let me go?
How long must I endure this grief —
the oppression of the enemy?

3Release your fire of truth
to lead and guide me,
and bring me into your sanctuary,
that I may live with you in your home.

4Then I will go to the place of God’s sacrifice
and join together with God in heartfelt joy and celebration.
I will praise and thank you with the harp,
O God, my mighty God.

5How long must my heart despair?
How long will the torment last?
Wait for the Lord!
For I will again praise him —
my Healer and my God.