Psalms  ◦   Chapter 17

1O Lord, hear my request to be set right with you;
listen to my plea for healing.
Understand that what I am asking
is my heart’s true desire.

2From your assessment let my treatment come:
you know what remedy is right,

3for you have examined the secrets of my heart.
You have refined me until no selfishness is found —
now I am determined never to speak evil.

4I live in harmony with your designs — just as you direct —
and avoid the me-first ways of the selfish world.

5I carefully choose your methods — the principles life is built upon;
I will not deviate from them.

6I call to you, Lord, knowing you will answer;
draw close to me and hear what’s on my heart.

7Pour out your wonderful love and kindness —
your healing power to transform and restore to your ideal
all those who seek you to deliver them from selfishness.

8Lord, you keep your eye on me — watch me closely,
but hide me in the shadow of your wings

9from the selfish who seek to destroy me —
from enemies all around who seek to kill me.

10Their hearts are hard; they have no pity;
they brag, boast and blow verbal smoke.

11They follow me everywhere, sniping and harassing from all sides,
seeking any chance to tear me down.

12They are like lions stalking me,
waiting to tear me to shreds.

13Act now, O Lord, stand in their way, bring them to their knees;
cut me free from the selfish and deceitful with your sword of love and truth.

14O Lord, by your power deliver me from the spiritually-incurable,
from those who are terminal in selfishness — who live only for this world.
May their lives be filled with what their hearts desire.
They are satisfied by having their children
and leaving their wealth to their descendants.

15As for me, I will be reborn; in sinless perfection I will see your face:
when I awake, I will be satisfied to be just like you!