Psalms  ◦   Chapter 115

1To you alone, O Creator God, to you alone
and not to us must all glory and honor be given
because of your character of love and unwavering trustworthiness.

2How can the nations be so blind and say,
"Where is their God?"

3Our God is in heaven
and he actually lives, and therefore does all that he desires.

4But their idols are non-living matter — silver and gold
shaped and fashioned by their own hands.

5They have carved mouths that cannot speak,
sculpted eyes that cannot see;

6they have engraved ears that cannot hear,
molded noses that cannot smell;

7they have chiseled hands that cannot feel,
etched feet that cannot walk;
nor can they make even the slightest sound with their throats.

8Those who make them will become like them,
as will all who worship and trust in them.

9O people called by God, trust in the Lord —
he is our protector and remedy.

10O priesthood of believers, trust in the Lord —
he is our protector and remedy.

11All who revere him, trust in the Lord —
he is our protector and remedy.

12The Lord knows what we need and will provide it;
he provides blessings to the people he has called,
he provides blessings to the priesthood of believers,

13he provides blessings to those who revere the Lord —
young and old alike.

14The Lord will increase the blessings upon you —
you and your descendants.

15May you be blessed by the Lord,
the Creator of heaven and earth.

16The Lord governs the highest heavens,
but he gave earth to human beings to rule.

17The dead do not praise the Lord —
those who go down to silence;

18it is we, the living, who praise the Lord,
both now and forevermore.
Praise the Lord.