Psalms  ◦   Chapter 98

1Sing a new heart-song to the Lord,
for what he has done is astounding:
Jesus — his right hand and holy agent —
is the cure for sin.

2The Lord has made his remedy known
and revealed his perfect and right design for life to the nations.

3He has kept his promise
to pour out his love and truth upon his people;
the entire world has seen
the healing power of our God.

4Let everyone make their life a joyful song unto the Lord!
Let the beautiful music of love burst forth from your hearts renewed;

5make the melody of love for the Lord, resplendent like the sound of the harp;
let your love resound with the harp and singing.

6With trumpets and horns,
proclaim your joy for the Lord our King.

7Let the sea and everything dwelling in it rejoice
along with the entire world and all who inhabit it.

8Let the rivers celebrate
and the mountains shout for joy;

9let them sing to the Lord,
for he comes to restore his governance to the earth.
He will govern the world in love
and heal the people to live in harmony with his design for life.