Psalms  ◦   Chapter 85

1You have revealed your merciful plan in your land, O Lord;
you set captive Israel free.

2You have taken the sin-sickness of humanity upon yourself
and provided the remedy to erase all deviations from your design.

3You come to us with your love;
you smile upon us with your mercy.

4Restore us completely, O God our Savior,
and stay close to us.

5Will you allow our lack of cooperation to keep you away forever?
Will you leave us to ourselves for all generations?

6Will you not heal our hearts again,
that we might live to love and rejoice in you?

7O Lord, pour upon us your life-giving love,
and grant us your eternal healing.

8I will do what the Lord God says,
following all his prescriptions;
he provides peace and wellness
to all his helpers — those who follow his treatment plan,
as long as they don’t return to foolishly breaking his design for life.

9His eternal restoration is most certainly available to all who honor him,
that his glorious character of love may fill our land.

10Love and truth are perfectly united;
righteousness and peaceful wellness are inseparably entwined.

11Truth will arise out of the earth,
and righteousness smiles down from heaven.

12The Lord will most certainly provide the remedy to restore goodness,
and the earth will bring forth a harvest of the healed.

13Righteousness will emanate from him
and be the foundation of his life.