Psalms  ◦   Chapter 116

1I love the Lord, for he cares about me and listens;
he hears me every time I call for his help.

2Because he cares about me and listens to me,
I will talk with him every day of my life.

3The fear of death overwhelmed me,
the terror of my terminal condition took hold of me;
I was trapped in crushing sorrow.

4So, knowing the character of the Lord, I called to him:
"O Lord, heal me — save me!"

5The Lord is gracious and always seeks to set his creation right;
our God is love.

6The Lord preserves the individualities of all who have simple trust in him;
when I acknowledged my great need, he saved me.

7My troubled heart returned to peace,
because the Lord gave me mature, godlike character.

8He has cured my terminal condition, saving me from death —
taking away the sorrow and fear that blinded me —
and he has stopped me from falling.

9I live a new life in harmony with the Lord
in the land of the living.

10I trusted the Lord when I said,
"I am dying — my condition is terminal,"

11even when my fear tempted me to say,
"No one can be trusted."

12What can I give to the Lord
for all the goodness he has given to me?

13I will carry to others his remedy to save them
and proclaim God’s healing character of love.

14I will keep my promise to the Lord
to share his remedy with all the nations.

15How costly it is to the Lord
when one of his people dies.

16O Lord, I am your man!
I serve you, just as my mother did;
by you I am healed and set free.

17I will present a thank offering to you;
I will proclaim God’s character of love.

18I will keep my promise to the Lord
to share his remedy with all the nations,

19in the courts of the Lord’s house
and throughout all Jerusalem.
Praise the Lord.