Psalms  ◦   Chapter 112

1All praise be to the Lord!
Altogether happy are people who live in harmony with the Lord,
Because they find eternal healing as they delight in his law.

2Crowned victorious, their children will be mighty in love upon the earth;
Descendants, set right with God, will live in happiness.

3Eternal prosperity and heavenly treasure is theirs;
Forever righteous they stay.

4Glorious light shines through the darkness for those set right with God,
Healing descends from him for the merciful, kind and true.

5Indeed, good comes to the generous who freely lend —
Just and honest they are in all their dealings.

6Knowing God they will not be corrupted with selfishness;
Loving others, the righteous will always be remembered.

7Mastering themselves, they don’t live in fear of bad news;
New hearts are theirs, fixed in trust of God.

8Overcomers, their hearts are sealed to God so they have no fear;
Preserved in purity in the view of their enemies.

9Quick to share, they give generously to the poor;
Renewed by God, their righteousness endures forever,
Sanctified character keeps them exalted and glorified.

10The wicked will see and be infuriated;
Unhealed, they have no excuse and wither away to nothing;
Vain hope — all their dreams and plans will perish forever.