Psalms  ◦   Chapter 101

1I will sing of your kingdom of love;
my life will be a song praising your character of love, O Lord.

2Understanding your design-laws, I will live in harmony with them —
how long until you restore me to perfect unity with you?
In my house, I will live out your law of love
with a pure heart.

3I will not cherish selfishness —
anything vile or wicked;
I hate all actions which deviate from your design,
and such corruption will not be part of my character.

4Selfish temptations shall be purged completely from my heart;
no evil will be permitted to attach to me.

5I will terminate my relationship
with anyone who slanders others;
I will cut out of my life
those who cling to pride and arrogance.

6I will seek out those in the world who love you and are loyal to you,
and I will make them my friends;
those who are pure in heart
will carry out my purposes.

7Deceivers will not live in my house;
the dishonest will not remain in my presence.

8Every day I work to eliminate wickedness,
to purify and cleanse the world,
that I may cut out all deviations from God’s design
and restore the city of the Lord to perfection.