2John  ◦   Chapter 1

1From your pastor and teacher, To the pure lady and her children whom I love in the truth–and not only I, but all those who love the truth about God–2because it is this truth about God that has become a permanent part of our character:

3God the Father and Jesus — the Father’s Son — freely pour out all the resources of heaven upon us for our good: Grace, mercy, and peace may be ours in truth and love.

4I have been overjoyed to find some of your children walking in the truth of God's methods and principles, just as the Father prescribed for us.5And now, precious lady, I am not writing a new prescription but one that is eternal and emanates from the heart of God, and is the base code upon which all life is created to operate — that we love one another.6And this is love, that we freely live our lives in harmony with his methods and principles, just as he instructed. And his methods are the same now as when he created the universe–the same now as when you first heard them–that we love others completely, freely, and constantly.

7There are many liars and deceivers in the world who deny that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, actually came to earth as a real human being–with real flesh and blood–just like us. Recognize them for what they are — deceivers and enemies of Christ.8Be careful that you are not duped by them and lose what you have achieved, for I want you to receive your full reward.9Anyone who loses contact with Christ and begins preaching their own theories instead of the truth Christ brought is not in unity with God; but whoever continues to teach the truth that Jesus is an exact expression of the Father–who became a real human being like us–is in unity and friendship with both the Father and the Son.10If you meet anyone determined to present a false gospel — who desires to deceive–do not associate with or support them or their ministry in any way.11By giving them a platform to speak, or supporting them or their ministry, you make it appear like you share their views, and thus you will share in their wicked work of spreading lies about God.

12I have so much to tell you, but I don't want to write it on paper with ink; Oh, no! I long to see you and talk with you in person, so that we may rejoice together in God's love.

13Your sister's children send their warm regards.