1Timothy  ◦   Chapter 1

1 Paul, an ambassador of Jesus Christ, appointed by God our Savior and Jesus Christ our hope,

2 To Timothy, my faithful partner in distributing God's healing Remedy: God the Father and Jesus Christ our Lord send their grace, mercy and peace to you.

3 When I was in Macedonia, I urged you to stay in Ephesus; well, I still want you to stay there so you can instruct those who are peddling a false remedy to stop doing it.4 Tell them to stop confusing people with fables and wasting time with never-ending genealogies. Such activities only cause conflict and interfere with God's healing work which is experienced by trust.5 The purpose of this instruction is the restoration of love — which flows from a heart purified from lies about God, from a conscience clear of selfishness, and from a genuine trust in God.6 Some have turned away from God's healing plan and are engaged in childish discussions.7 They want to teach a legal remedy, but they don't have a clue what they are talking about. They don't understand the problem or the false remedy they so confidently promote.

8 We know that the written law is a diagnostic instrument for the soul, and it is good if used properly.9 We also know that this diagnostic tool was not made for the spiritually healthy, but for those who are selfish in character, those who are spiritually diseased, who don’t know God, who don’t love others but kill their fathers and mothers, the ill at heart, murderers,10 sexual perverts and adulterers, human traffickers, liars, deceivers, and for everyone and everything else that is out of harmony with God’s design for life or11 doesn't harmonize with the incredible truth about God's character of love that he has entrusted me to share.

12 I give my thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ who has healed my character and now finds me trustworthy enough to choose me as a member of his rescue team.13 Yes, I once misrepresented God, persecuted Christ's followers, and was a cruel man who opposed what Christ is doing. But because I didn't know God or his character and methods of love, mercifully, I was still healable.14 I was infused with God's healing power: truth dispelled lies from my mind, trust replaced distrust, and I partook of the Remedy that is from Jesus Christ.

15 This is the absolute truth, so embrace it: Christ came into the world to heal and restore selfish mankind back into God's original ideal, and I am the one who needs the healing and restoration most, as I was the most selfish of all.16 It was because I was one of the worst cases that I was chosen for God's merciful healing, so that Jesus Christ might showcase his never-ending desire to heal those who will yet trust him, and thereby experience regeneration and eternal life.17 Let all the credit, honor, recognition and praise go to the eternal King — the immortal, invisible, and only true God — for all time. Let it always be so!

18 Timothy, you are like a son to me, and — in keeping with the work of the Spirit in your life–I give you this assignment so that you will fight successfully the battle against the lies about God:19 With a clear conscience, stand confident in the truth about God's character of love. Some have not listened to their conscience and accepted lies about God, and thus have destroyed themselves.20 Among them are Hymenaeus and Alexander, who — as they preferred Satan as a master — have been given up to their choice and will experience the terrible results of teaching lies about God.