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1Timothy  ◦   Chapter 2

1 You must first of all remember that your effectiveness starts with unity with God, so talk with him constantly about everything, big or small; make your requests, praise and intercessions known to him.2 Talk with God about rulers and politicians — that they might govern well and that our land may be at peace, giving us freedom of conscience, so that we can live gracious and loving lives.3 Such goodness makes God happy,4 as he wants every human being to receive his Remedy, be healed, and come to know the truth about him and his methods of love.5 For there is only one God and one reconnecting bridge — one emissary from God to the human race–the man Jesus Christ,6 who gave himself to free us from the bondage of lies about God and from our own selfish natures. His sacrifice proves that God wants everyone to be healed.7 It was for the purpose of spreading the Remedy Christ achieved that I have been appointed a teacher and ambassador of Christ. I'm not making this up–it is the truth! I am Christ's representative to take his true Remedy to the Gentiles.

8 In public meetings, I want men whose hands are free from doing harm to humble their hearts in conversation with God, and not promote self with angry confrontations.9 And I want the women to also have humble hearts before God, and dress accordingly, spending their resources to uplift God and not promote themselves.10 I want to see them adorned with Christlike character — loving others with actions — behaving like women who are devoted to God, and not like women who visit fertility cults.

11 A woman learns quickly when her heart is humble and her mind quiet.12 I do not authorize the female pupil to teach or have authority over the male teacher; she must not talk but listen to what is being taught.13 Adam was created first; then Eve was created as his perfect partner.14 Eve was deceived and the first to break the law of love, while Adam broke the law of love without being deceived.15 Women, who bring babies into the world, will–if they are faithful, loving, and spiritually mature mothers–experience healing of character as they allow God's love to flow through them in loving actions to their families.