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1Timothy  ◦   Chapter 6

1 The selfish actions of those enslaving other people don’t excuse the slaves who have taken the Remedy from continuing in selfishness. Slaves therefore need to show proper respect and loving service for their masters, so that God’s methods, character and principles may be uplifted and not misrepresented.2 Slaves, don't be hostile toward masters who have partaken of the Remedy. Remember that they suffer from the same character sickness as all of us, so serve them with even greater devotion because you love them; and they are actually recovering and getting well. These are the principles of love you are to teach and encourage your masters to practice.

3 Such behavior invariably puts self at the center: Those who teach lies about God–representing him as a being other than love–do not agree with the truth revealed by our Lord Jesus Christ and don't value evidence-based instruction.4 They are self-centered, they understand nothing about God’s kingdom, and their unhealthy minds enjoy causing problems. They instigate arguments and controversies that stir up envy, rumormongering and misrepresentation of others — all of which cause fear of God and suspicion of those who represent him rightly.5 Such behavior invariably puts self at the center: their minds are so selfish, and they are so bereft of the truth that they think the Remedy — provided freely by Christ — is their means of getting rich.

6 But taking the Remedy–experiencing transformation of character to be like Christ–is wealth beyond words.7 We entered the world with nothing, and we won't take any earthly belongings with us when we die.8 All we need is the basics to provide us enough physical and mental health to be able to appreciate and partake of the Remedy.9 People who pursue earthly wealth fall into the trap of self-advancement, fail to appreciate and partake of the Remedy, and their selfish desires lead to foolish choices and ultimate self-destruction.10 The love of money is rooted in selfishness, which is the source of all evil. Some greedy people have rejected the Remedy, injured others to get ahead, and have ultimately damaged their own character.

11 But you, Timothy, who are a man representing God, must reject all this selfishness and develop a Christlike character: Be godly, abide in trust, love freely, be courageous and gentle.12 Stay focused and purposely apply God's methods to your life every day. Embrace the full healing and restoration to eternal life that have been freely offered you, and which you wisely accepted in the presence of many witnesses.13 Under the authority of God–who is the source of all life–and Jesus Christ, who spoke the truth about his kingdom of love before Pontius Pilate, I charge you14 to keep fulfilling this assignment faithfully until our Lord Jesus Christ returns,15 which will happen when God–the exalted and true Ruler, the King over all kings and Lord above all lords–has determined is best.16 God is the only one with life original, unborrowed, underived, and who can never die. He lives in infinity–the unapproachable light of infinite truth and love that no one can fully absorb or assimilate. All honor and power is his alone forever. So let it ever be.

17 Instruct those who are wealthy in worldly goods not to be so self-absorbed, nor to put their confidence in riches which can evaporate so quickly, but instead, to put their trust in God, who abundantly provides us with everything we need for health and eternal happiness.18 Instruct them to 'do what is right because it is right,' to be rich in love for others, and generously give of themselves for the good of others.19 This is how they should live to be in harmony with God’s design, develop character that will last eternally, and be rich with love and friends in heaven; this is living as God designed life to truly operate.

20 Timothy, guard the truth about God and his Remedy that has been entrusted to you. Reject the path of talking about God but not living his love, and reject the false "knowledge" of God that represents him as something other than love.21 Some promote distorted views of God, and as they do, they walk away from the truth and reject the Remedy. God's love and power be with you.