Preface to Revelation:

In the book of Revelation, I did a little more than paraphrase. I also added some decoding of the symbolism, some of which will be without controversy, such as "Jesus, the Lamb" rather than just "the Lamb," but other places might challenge various traditional views. The reason I decided to do this is not that I want to suggest I have been gifted with some special insight beyond any believer's prayerful study guided by the Holy Spirit, but to stimulate the reader to think. Throughout the rest of this paraphrase, I have used new words to get at the real meaning and move past cliche, such as "Remedy" for "gospel." In Revelation, I want the reader to move past the symbolism to consider a cosmic reality beyond the symbol–a reality in which God is love all the time, and Satan is a real being of complete selfishness, seeking to contaminate our minds with his lies about God. I have no doubt that as the future unfolds, events will require modification and reinterpretation of some of the conclusions I have suggested in this book. The point is not that we need to know with total certainty every detail of every symbol, but to know God and Jesus Christ whom he has sent. You will therefore notice that all of the suggested interpretations always reveal God's character of love–working against Satan for the good of his creation. I hope you will enjoy reading Revelation, and that it will stimulate you with a new appreciation and love for our amazing God.

Some rules of interpretation used in the book of Revelation:
  • If one part of a passage is symbolic or metaphor, then the rest is symbolic or metaphor unless clear reasons to be literal are expressed in the text.
  • The Bible will be used to interpret itself (i.e. symbol interpretations will use Bible definitions before other definitions).
  • The general theme is that of the conflict between Christ and Satan.
  • God's character of love never changes, therefore interpretations will never result in God being represented in a character other than love.
  • God's law of love never changes, therefore interpretations will always be in harmony with God's law of love.