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Revelation  ◦   Chapter 11

1Next I was given a measuring device and was told, "Go and examine God's temple: Count the number of living stones, and examine the altar of their hearts,2but exclude those outside–those who are not living stones in God's temple. Don't count them as part of God's temple because they are taking a false remedy of pagan god constructs. For forty-two months, they will attempt to crush God's saints who are the living stones that comprise the Holy City of God.3But I will empower my two witnesses–the true Church and the written Word–to proclaim the truth about me, though covered with a shroud of human traditions, for 1260 days."4These two are like lamps — standing firm for the Lord, proclaiming my word on earth; like two olive trees — filled with the oil of the Holy Spirit.5If anyone tries to obstruct their work with lies and distortions, the fire of truth will be spoken and consume all such enemies–this is how all who want to destroy truth will die.6These witnesses have the power that exposes false ideas about God — the same power that Elijah had when it would not rain, thus exposing Baal as false; the same power that Moses had when water turned to blood and plagues covered the land, exposing the Egyptian gods as false.

7When they have finished telling the world the truth about God in the setting of the great controversy, the conglomerate beast of humanism, mysticism and paganism, arising out of the abyss of Satanic deception, will overpower them and destroy their influence.8Their remnants will lie discarded and ignored along the thoroughfares of the world, symbolized by Sodom (the great city of selfishness), and Egypt (the land of pagan god constructs), exactly like the city where their Lord was crucified.9For three and a half days, people all over the world, in every country, from every ethnic group and language, will disrespect and dishonor them.10The people of the selfish world will mock them, and congratulate themselves by sending each other kudos for rejecting God and his ambassadors, because these two witnesses called people back to love, which tormented those who live selfishly on the earth.

11But after three and a half days, the Spirit of God revived the two witnesses, and they arose and stood on their own feet; and the unhealed were terrified.12Then God's people heard a loud voice from heaven, saying, "It's time to come home. Come and be with me!" And they went into heaven in a cloud while the enemies of God looked on.

13At that moment, there was a trembling and shaking of the minds of people on earth, and one-tenth of the wicked world collapsed from fear; seven thousand died from the shock. The terrified survivors fell on their knees and acknowledged the righteousness of God.

14The second woe has passed; the third woe will come soon.

15The seventh angel sounded his trumpet, and loud voices proclaimed in heaven: "The kingdom of selfishness, based on earth, has been eradicated, and the earth has become the kingdom of our Lord and his Christ; and he will reign forever and ever."

16And the twenty-four elders who were seated on thrones before God humbled themselves in awe and admiration,17and said, "We are thankful to you, Lord God Almighty — who lives today and who has always existed — because you have unveiled your great power and begun to reign in truth and love.18The nations of the selfish world lived in anger, and you have let them reap what they have chosen. The time has come for accurately diagnosing those who sleep in the grave, for rewarding your spokespersons–the prophets, and your saints, and all those who revere your character of love, both small and great, and for the destruction of those who destroy the earth."

19Then God’s Healing Plan — represented by the Sanctuary — was disclosed, and at its heart was Jesus the Lamb, who unites the universe into one, represented by the Ark. And there came flashes of insight, rumblings of understanding, peals of thunderous adoration, a foundational collapse of earth-based thinking, and a great hailstorm of truth.