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Revelation  ◦   Chapter 4

1The next thing I saw was a door standing open in heaven, and I heard the same voice I had heard previously, speaking to me as clear as a trumpet, saying, "Come here and I will show you what will happen in the future."2Immediately the Spirit filled me, and my mind was opened; and before me was a throne in heaven with a person sitting on it.3The one who sat on the throne shimmered with dazzling brilliance, like polished stones in the sun: fiery reds at the base and resplendent hues of green surrounding the throne.4Circling the throne were twenty-four elders sitting upon twenty-four thrones. Their characters were perfectly healed to be like Jesus, therefore they appeared dressed in white clothing, and their minds were perfect–free from all fear and selfishness–symbolized by crowns of pure gold on their heads.5The one on the throne was the source of immeasurable power, greater than lightning and rolling thunder. And the Spirit of God was present before the throne, represented by seven blazing lights.6The throne was set upon a vast plain that had the appearance of pure crystal, clear and smooth, reflecting the reds and greens coming from the throne. In the center of the circle, near the throne, were four living beings–brilliant, alert, intelligent, with clear understanding of the past and the unfolding future–all symbolized by eyes covering their front and back.7The first was regal like a lion, the second–strong like an ox, the third–intelligent like a human, and the fourth was sharp and vigilant like an eagle.8These beings could act unbelievably fast–both physically and mentally–which was symbolized by each having six wings, and eyes all over, even under their wings. And they lived constantly–day and night–in a continual state of appreciation and love for God, saying:

"God is holy, holy, holy–Lord Almighty, who has always been, who is, and who is to come."

9Whenever these four living beings honor God's character of love and thank him who governs the universe from the throne–the one who is the source of life and lives forever–10the twenty-four elders are filled with awe and humbled in hearts, and demonstrate their devotion by falling down in love before him who sits on the throne, and they worship him who is the source of life and who lives forever. They cast their gold crowns before him — demonstrating that their lives, their perfect characters and their healed minds come from him — and proclaim:

11"You are worthy, our Lord God Almighty, to receive all honor, praise, glory, and power because you created all things, and all things have their origin in you and are sustained by you."