Psalms  ◦   Chapter 140

1Save me, O Lord, from wicked people;
protect me from those who exploit others:

2they plot evil in their hearts
and constantly instigate division and conflict.

3Like snakes, their tongues slither falsehood, severing the bonds of love —
the poisonous lies of the serpent Satan are on their lips.

4Protect me, O Lord, from the power of the selfish;
keep me safe from those who exploit others,
who plot my destruction.

5The arrogant have laid traps for me;
they have hidden their nets
and have spread their snares along my path.

6I say to the Lord: "You are my God!"
O Lord, help me when I call.

7O Creator God — my powerful Remedy —
who heals and shields my mind for daily battles;

8do not allow the wicked to have their way,
do not let their plans succeed.

9The minds of those who swarm around me
will be destroyed by their own evil choices.

10The fires of infinite truth and love will fall upon them;
they will be thrown into the consuming fire of God’s presence,
disintegrating into oblivion, never to rise again.

11A liar and slanderer will not endure on the earth;
evil will destroy the abusers of others.

12I know the Lord will set right the humble,
correctly diagnosing those in need.

13Certainly those restored to your right design will praise your character of love,
and the healed will live in your presence.