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Psalms  ◦   Chapter 64

1My dearest God, listen as I pour out my heartache to you;
deliver me from fear—the fear of the enemy.

2Conceal me from the schemes of the selfish —
from the loveless mob of evildoers.

3Their tongues are sharp — cutting like swords;
their words are piercing like deadly arrows.

4They tear down good people without warning;
they attack mercilessly and without remorse.

5They spur each other on into greater selfishness,
they plan how to cover their tracks and hide their traps;
they say, "No one will catch us."

6They plot wickedness and say,
"We have devised the perfect crime!
None can read our minds — our schemes are secret."

7But God will shoot them with his arrows of truth,
and suddenly they will be struck with guilt and fear.

8He will use their own words to diagnose them accurately —
their own selfish characters will ruin them;
all who see them as they truly are will mourn.

9Then all humanity will be in awe;
they will tell what God has accomplished
and study deeply what he has done.

10Let all those restored to God’s design of love rejoice in the Lord
and rest secure in union with him;
let all those with hearts set right with God praise him!