Psalms  ◦   Chapter 25

1To you, O Lord, I offer my life;

2it is you that I trust, O my God.
Save me from shamefulness,
don’t let my enemies — fear and selfishness — triumph over me.

3Shame is not the lot
of those who learn to trust you,
but shame and disgrace are the portion for those
who betray truth and love.

4Teach me your methods, O Lord,
show me your protocols for life.

5Guide me to live in harmony with your design and teach me your principles,
for you are the God who heals me.
I put my hope in you every day.

6I remember your unfailing kindness and love, O Lord,
for they are — like you — eternal.

7Don’t think about my past sin-sickness —
the symptoms of selfishness from my youth;
think about your loving remedy that heals me
on account of your goodness, O Lord.

8The Lord is good; he is the standard of life — of what is right;
therefore he teaches the terminal — those out of harmony with his design — the way back to life.

9He shows those willing to learn the way he created life to be lived;
he teaches them his methods.

10All the Lord’s methods are reliable and healing
for those who choose to live in harmony with them.

11For the sake of magnifying your loving character, O Lord,
remove the twisted corruption from within me, though it is great!

12Those who esteem and revere the Lord,
he will teach the way they should live.

13They will have good lives,
and their descendants will inherit the earth.

14The Lord is a friend to those who love and revere him;
he shares his healing remedy with them.

15I look constantly to the Lord for help,
for he will set me free from the ties that bind me.

16Look at me and show me compassion,
for I am alone in my suffering.

17Bring peace to my heart,
free me from my burdens.

18Examine me closely and see the cause of my suffering
and take away all deviations from your design.

19Look at how many enemies I have
and how violently they hate me!

20Protect me and save me,
don’t let me be defeated —
my safety is only in you.

21With a mature, godlike character of love I will be kept safe,
because my trust is in you.

22Save those who overcome in union with you, O God,
from everything out of harmony with your perfect design.