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Psalms  ◦   Chapter 18

1I love you, O Lord; you are my strength.

2The Lord unites my will with his, making my resolve rock solid:
he makes me strong and heals my brokenness.
God is my solid foundation; I trust him completely.
He cleanses my mind, protecting me from lies;
he is the source of my healing — my savior.

3I call out to the Lord — the source of goodness, love and truth —
and he saves me from my enemies.

4The tendrils of death creep through me;
the undertow of selfishness fills me with fear.

5The grave has hold on me and pulls me down;
the chains of death have captured me.

6In my terminal state I call out to the Lord;
I cry out to my God for healing.
He hears me from where he dwells;
he hears my call for help.

7The earthly systems shake and shudder,
the foundation of the pagan high places quiver;
they tremble because God’s passion to heal is fired up.

8The creative breath of life blew from his nostrils like smoke;
the fire of truth came from his mouth,
the burning flames of infinite love blazed forth from him.

9He stepped down to earth from his heavenly dwelling place,
he entered into darkness, establishing himself in human form.

10He came swiftly flying on the wings of angels;
he appeared by the power of the Spirit.

11Making humanity his tabernacle, he veiled his glory in darkness
surrounded by amniotic fluid — a dark cloud of water.

12The light of truth goes forth from him —
a hailstorm of fiery truth powerful like lightning.

13The Lord spoke truth like thunder from heaven;
the Creator voiced words that burned like fire.

14His sends out his arrows of truth broadly across the earth —
great flashes of light that only confuse those who prefer darkness.

15When you rebuke selfishness, O Creator God,
when your nostrils breathe out your life-giving power of love,
the channels of water that bring life are seen,
the foundations that you built life upon are understood.

16He reached down from heaven and rescued me;
he saved me from drowning in selfishness.

17He rescued me from my powerful enemy —
from hatred which was too strong for me.

18These destructive emotions pounce on me when I am down,
but the Lord holds and strengthens me.

19He brought me out in the open — on display for all to see;
it was his pleasure to strengthen me.

20The Lord rewards me because I live in perfect harmony with his designs;
because my work shows clearly God’s character and methods, he restores me.

21I have lived life the way God designed:
I have not chosen selfishness — I have not betrayed my God.

22All of his plans and designs are before me;
I have not changed any of his protocols.

23I am flawless — without any defect — before him;
I have kept myself from any wrong — from deviation from his design.

24The Lord restores me because I cooperate with his treatment plan,
living clean and pure under his supervision.

25To those who follow your methods you prove you’re reliable,
to those who love truth you prove you are innocent.

26To the purified you show you are the purifier,
but you wrestle against those who twist your design.

27You heal those who submit to your treatment;
you will destroy self-sufficiency and pride.

28You are the light of my life, O Lord;
my God, you enlighten my darkened mind.

29With your strength I am quick to overcome obstacles;
with my God I can surmount life’s roadblocks.

30God’s ways are perfect —
the word of the Lord heals and restores;
he shields the minds of all who trust in him.

31For who is God other than the Creator?
Who is the foundation of reality except our God?

32Only the Creator God equips me with a noble character and a healed mind,
making my journey through life blameless.

33He gives me confidence like a sure-footed deer;
he enables me to stand on mountain peaks.

34He teaches me how to wage spiritual warfare
to demolish impure weapons of lies and selfishness by my sacrifice.

35You have appointed me the shield of salvation,
and your power sustains me;
your humble condescension makes me thrive.

36You expand my understanding of your ways,
so that I don’t stumble and fall.

37I pursue my enemies — the infection of lies, fear and selfishness — and remove them;
I don’t stop until they are all destroyed.

38I shatter them with truth and love so that they will never rise again;
they fall and I stand victorious over them.

39You equip me for battle;
you cause all my enemies to bow down before me.

40You allow my enemies to run away —
those that hate love to cut themselves off from life.

41They beg for help but reject the remedy, so there is nothing left to save them;
they cry out to the Lord, but he has nothing more to say.

42I annihilate them like dust blown away by the wind;
I sweep them out of my kingdom like dirt in the street.

43You have delivered me from the attacks of the selfish;
you have made me the head of humanity:
people who were not my subjects are now loyal to me.

44As soon as they hear the truth about me they follow me,
but those not of my kingdom are afraid of me.

45Those not of my kingdom wither and fade away;
abandoned to their own terminal condition, they are consumed with fear.

46The Lord is the fountain of life! Praise to my unshakable Savior!
Proclaim the greatness of the God who heals me!

47The one true God purges all defects from his design,
so that humanity lives humbly under my rule.

48O Lord, you deliver me from my enemies,
exalt me above those who hate me,
and rescue me from violent people.

49Therefore I will reveal the truth about you before all humanity, O Lord;
I will sing the beauty of your character of love.

50He amplifies the victory of his chosen king;
he constantly pours infinite love upon his chosen one —
on David’s descendant forever.