Psalms  ◦   Chapter 16

1Protect me, O God,
for I have put my life in your hands.

2I say to the Lord, "You are my Creator —
the source of my life and health and everything good."

3The spiritually-healthy in the land (those who love others)
are beautiful people with whom I love to be friends.

4But those who choose other gods only get worse:
their pain, suffering and corruption of mind unavoidably increase.
I will not worship their blood-thirsty gods;
I will not praise them in any way.

5You, Lord — the source of life — are all that I need; you provide all that I have;
you make my future secure.

6I love what you have given me;
from you I have received the most wonderful endowment.

7I proclaim the goodness of God, who teaches me his ways;
in the quiet of the night I reflect, and my heart is convicted and grows in the truth.

8I know that God is before me for all eternity.
Because he stands beside me, guarding me,
I will not waver from my mission.

9My heart rejoices, my mouth proclaims glad tidings,
and my body rests in hope,

10because you will not leave me in the grave,
nor will you allow your perfect Remedy to decompose.

11You will proclaim me as the only way of life,
filling me with the joy of your life-giving presence
and with the pleasure of living with you forever.