Psalms  ◦   Chapter 30

1I give you all the honor and praise, O Lord,
for you have saved me,
preventing my enemies from celebrating my defeat.

2My Lord and my God, I called to you for help
and you healed me.

3O Lord, you pulled me from the grave —
I was dying and you restored my life.

4Sing to the Lord all who have hearts like his;
be thankful for his character of perfect love.

5For anger lasts only a moment,
but the favor of the Lord is life.
Weeping may come with the darkness,
but rejoicing comes with the light.

6When times were good and I felt confident, I said,
"I can do no wrong."

7But Lord, all my success came from you —
your presence was my mountain-fortress.
When you let me leave your presence,
I was overwhelmed with fear.

8I called out to you, O Lord,
I cried to you for help:

9"Death is a rip-off,
my going into the grave cheats you.
Will the dust sing your praises?
Will it spread your truth?

10O Lord, respond with mercy;
My Lord, please help me!"

11You have turned my despair into celebration;
you have removed my degradation and covered me with joy,

12that my life may be a beautiful song to you and not an empty void.
O Lord my God, I will forever give you thanks.