Psalms  ◦   Chapter 20

1May the Lord answer you when you are in anguish;
may the character of the Creator God ennoble you.

2May he strengthen you from his dwelling place
and sustain you from his holy city.

3May he preserve the knowledge of your complete selflessness;
may he confirm as effective the remedy of your perfect self-sacrifice.

4May he give you what your character merits
and make your healing plan succeed.

5We will sing for joy when you win — when your remedy is procured;
we will live proclaiming the character of our God of love.
May the Lord accomplish all you ask of him.

6Now I know that the Lord will deliver his anointed one;
he answers him from his sinless heavenly home
with all the healing and saving power of omnipotence.

7Some try to heal themselves — to win the victory in their own strength,
but we trust our restoration to the Creator God who is love.

8They collapse and die in their terminal condition,
but we rise up and live in eternal perfection.

9The Lord will deliver our king!
He will answer when we call!