Psalms  ◦   Chapter 63

1O God, my Creator God,
I long for you;
my inmost-self thirsts for your love — the water of life;
my body aches for your healing touch
in this selfish world, parched and dying —
a world without your living water.

2Yes, I have seen you in your holiness;
I dwell upon your strength and your glorious character of love.

3Because your love is the basis, goodness and beauty of life,
I will praise you.

4I will glorify you with my entire life,
and with a character renewed — to be just like you — I will talk with you.

5My inmost-self is fully nourished with your bountiful feast;
I will sing songs of praise and thanksgiving to you.

6As I lay in bed, I will remember you;
throughout the night I will think of you.

7You have always been there to help me;
I rejoice under your protective care.

8I cling tightly to you,
and you hold me safe in your powerful right hand.

9But those who seek to destroy my life
will destroy themselves and disintegrate into the soil of the earth.

10They are released to their kill-or-be-killed methods
and will be consumed by wild animals.

11But the king will rejoice in God;
all who agree with God, receiving his character,
will live and praise him,
but all who prefer lies will cease to exist —
their mouths will be eternally silenced.