Psalms  ◦   Chapter 141

1O Lord, I call for your help — come quickly to me.
Respond kindly to my voice when I call to you.

2Make my prayers pure and sweet, like the most fragrant incense before you;
I raise my hands, surrendering to your cleansing — just like the evening sacrifice depicts.

3Lord, empower me with the ability to control what I say;
let me speak nothing that misrepresents you.

4Turn the desires of my heart away from fear and selfishness,
away from evil activity;
don’t let me share the pleasures
of those who do wrong.

5Let a godly person discipline me — it is a kindness;
let the healthy person correct me — it is healing salve to my character.
Don’t allow the oil of selfishness to permeate my character;
my constant prayer is to break the power of wickedness.

6When, at the judgment, they realize that choosing evil severs their connection to life —
like falling off a cliff and expecting to live —
they will learn that what I taught was true.

7They will admit, "As a plow cuts through the earth,
so too our evil choices cut us off from life and we are consumed by the grave."

8But I look to you and keep my trust in you, O Creator God;
in you I seek healing — don’t let me die.

9Keep me from the snares the selfish have laid for me —
from the traps of the wicked.

10Those who persist in selfishness will be trapped by their own evil choices,
while I pass by safely.