Psalms  ◦   Chapter 97

1The Creator reigns in love; let the earth rejoice!
Let every distant land celebrate his constant care.

2His infinite depths are like impenetrable clouds surrounding him;
He rules in righteousness, governing in love.

3The fires of truth and love flow from him like mighty rivers;
they completely consume selfishness and falsehood — his fierce enemies.

4Truth and love flash forth from him and light up the world;
the earthly see it and tremble.

5The high-places of false worship melt like wax in his presence —
in the presence of the Creator of all the earth.

6The heavens proclaim his design and methods of love,
and all the peoples of the earth see his glorious character of love.

7All worshippers of idols damage their hearts and minds —
all those who make the created things their god.
The fallen angels — the inventors of the false gods — will bow down before him.

8God’s people hear the truth and rejoice;
all who trust you, Lord, are glad,
for your remedy heals perfectly those who put their trust in you.

9For you, O Lord, are the Creator and Sustainer of the earth;
you are supreme, and your existence is far above all other so-called gods.

10Those who love the Lord hate evil:
the Lord heals the souls of those who trust him
and delivers them from the power of the selfish.

11The light of truth and love shines upon the righteous;
joy fills those who are right-in-heart with God.

12Rejoice in the Lord, all you whose hearts are united with God,
and praise his character of love.