Psalms  ◦   Chapter 111

1All praise be to the Lord!
Acclaim and adoration I give to the Lord with all my heart
Before the assembly of the healed — the congregation of the cured.

2Colossal and wonderful are the methods of the Lord;
Diligently studied by all who delight in them.

3Excellent and magnificent is all that he creates;
Forever enduring is his righteous character of love.

4God established a memorial to remember his wonderful creation built on love;
He is kind and merciful.

5Indwelling the righteous, he feeds the souls of those who revere him;
Jehovah is always focused on fulfilling his promise to heal humankind.

6Kindly, he has shown his transforming power to the people,
Leading them to inherit the world.

7Magnificent are his methods of truth and governance;
Never-changing and reliable are his design laws for life.

8O, how eternal, perpetual and everlasting they are,
Perfected in truth and righteousness.

9Quick to save, he brings Remedy to his people;
Resolutely, he sustains his healing plan forever —
Supreme and perfect is his character of love.

10The way of wisdom is to revere, admire and live in harmony with the Lord;
Understanding is found by all who follow God’s principles;
Victory and eternal praise belong to him.