Psalms  ◦   Chapter 21

1O Lord, the king delights in the vitality you give.
He overflows with joy, celebrating the restoration you provide!

2You granted him the regeneration his heart desired
and have not denied his request for healing.

3You bring him the costliest gift —
you crown him with a pure character like the finest gold.

4He asked for life from you
and you gave him life eternal.

5Through your victory over selfishness, his character is ennobled;
you have restored him to radiant beauty — majestic and splendid.

6You have made him eternally blessed
with the joy of living in your presence.

7For the king trusts the Lord;
through the unfailing love of the Creator God,
he will not waver.

8You will vanquish your enemies — fear, selfishness and lies;
your righteousness will uncover hatred.

9At the time of your appearing,
love will burn out all fear and selfishness, and truth will burn through lies.
In your presence, O Lord, they will be consumed;
your fires of love and truth will devour them.

10Their fruit of pain, suffering and death you will eradicate from the earth;
the seeds of selfishness you will eliminate from humanity.

11Although they pervert your design and lie about you,
their wicked plans will not succeed,

12for they will flee from you
when they face your arrows of truth.

13Rise up, O Lord, in the full power of your love and truth;
we will sing praises of your victory!