Psalms  ◦   Chapter 12

1Help us Lord, lest those who are like you in character disappear;
those who trust you are vanishing from the earth.

2People tell each other fictional tales about life,
deluding themselves with false-security.

3O Lord, cut through their lying words;
expose as false the boastful

4who say, "What we say determines what is right.
We can say whatever we want; who will stop us?"

5The Lord says, "I will act now,
because the weak are exploited
and those who need help call out.
I will provide the remedy they so desperately desire."

6The promised remedy of the Lord is pure —
purified like silver in an earthen kiln,
purified to perfection.

7O Lord, keep our minds and hearts pristine and safe;
preserve us from the corruption of lies and selfishness,

8because the selfish are everywhere about us,
and lies are what people love.