Psalms  ◦   Chapter 4

1You always answer me when I talk to you,
O Creator who puts right what is wrong in me.
You heal all my brokenness,
and now I need your help again.

2O you selfish people, how long will you lie about me?
How long will you cling to your fantasies and pursue falsehood?

3Understand this: the Lord heals those who trust him, setting them right with himself;
he listens when I talk to him.

4Be passionate, but don’t deviate from God’s design for life;
in quiet contemplation search your own heart and apply these truths.

5Give your heart to God, sacrifice its desires
and trust him completely.

6Many people pray, "Can’t you make our life better?
Bless us, O Lord, with good stuff."

7But you have healed my heart —
a greater joy than all their material possessions could ever bring.

8When I sleep, I rest in peace
for in your hands alone, O Lord,
I am perfectly safe.