Psalms  ◦   Chapter 33

1All you with godly character, lift your voices in joyous celebration of the Lord;
it is beautiful when those restored to God’s design praise him.

2Praise the Lord with the harp,
make music to him with stringed instruments.

3With your new heart sing to him a new song,
play beautifully, and proclaim boldly your joy.

4For the Lord’s design-laws are true — the only right way to live;
all he does is reliable, constant and unwavering.

5The Lord loves healthy living — life in harmony with his design;
all living systems on earth proclaim his unfailing love.

6The Lord spoke the universe into existence,
by the life-energy breathed from his mouth he formed worlds, moons, and stars.

7He gathered the waters into seas and lakes
and created deep ocean-reservoirs.

8Let the entire earth revere the Lord,
let the entire human race be in awe of him!

9For he spoke, and the earth was created;
he commanded, and it came into being.

10The Lord eradicates the ways of the wicked world;
he nullifies the schemes of the selfish.

11But the design-laws of the Lord stand the test of time;
the intentions of his heart are eternal — the foundation of eternal life.

12Happy and healthy are the people whose God is the Lord —
those who choose to receive the Lord’s endowment.

13The Lord looks down from heaven
and sees every human being —

14from his heavenly home he keeps watch
over all who live upon the earth:

15he designed the human mind
and can read the motive of every action.

16No king triumphs by the strength of his army,
no warrior survives combat due to his fighting skill.

17Don’t trust your war-horse to save you —
despite its training and strength, it cannot deliver you.

18But the Lord oversees the care of those who follow his plan —
those who trust in his unfailing love

19to save them from death
and keep them alive through famine.

20Our hearts long for the Lord;
he is our deliverer and protector.

21Our hearts are healthy and happy,
for we have trusted in him who is love.

22May your unfailing love fill us, O Lord,
for our only hope is in you.