Psalms  ◦   Chapter 92

1It is good to give thanks to the Lord
and sing praise to your character of love, O Creator God,

2to live out your love in the morning
and your never-changing truth in the evening,

3to have hearts in perfect harmony with you, like the music of the strings
and the melody of the harp.

4All your works, O Lord, fill me with happiness;
I sing for joy at the universe you have created.

5How magnificent are all your works, O Lord,
how infinite are your thoughts!

6Wicked and brutal people do not know,
the foolish do not realize,

7that though the selfish may spring up like grass
and evildoers may attain fame and fortune —
having rejected the remedy and embraced selfishness, they will die eternally.

8But you, O Creator God,
will be exalted in the hearts of the righteous forever.

9Unavoidably, your enemies, O Lord,
unavoidably, your enemies — those who oppose truth and love — will perish;
all the persistently selfish will be severed from you, the source of life.

10You have given me life and strength like that of a wild ox;
the pure oil of your Spirit you have poured upon me.

11I see clearly the terminal condition of those who oppose me;
I understand the selfish motives of those who rise up against me.

12Those with hearts healed to love will flourish like a palm tree,
they will grow mighty in godliness like the cedars of Lebanon;

13rooted in God’s kingdom of love and truth,
they will live in the dwelling place of our God.

14Though old, they stay healthy and bear much fruit;
they retain their vitality and remain vibrant,

15proclaiming, "The Lord is perfect and righteous;
he is my source of life, health and happiness,
and there is nothing evil in him."