Psalms  ◦   Chapter 26

1Confirm that I am well, O Lord,
since I now live in harmony with your design
and trust in you completely.

2Examine me and test my motives, Lord;
diagnose any remaining defects in my desires and thoughts.

3Your never-failing love is my treatment plan;
I faithfully follow your methods.

4I don’t join with those whose hearts are devoid of your Spirit;
I am not friends with those who feign godliness.

5I hate the company of the selfish
and won’t hang out with the vile and hard-hearted.

6I maintain my healthy and pure lifestyle,
and continually surrender myself to follow your will.

7I broadcast my thankfulness,
telling everyone of your wonderful works of restoration.

8Lord, I love living with you,
being glorified by your presence.

9Do not include me with the terminal
or with those who refuse your remedy —

10those who insist on choosing selfishness over love
while offering payments to buy their salvation.

11But I live in harmony with your design laws for life;
through your grace, heal me completely!

12I stand on the solid ground of your design;
in assembled throng of the saved I will praise the Lord.