Psalms  ◦   Chapter 3

1Lord, my enemies are more than I can handle!
More oppose me every day!

2They mock me saying,
"God will not help him."

3But you, O Lord, are my constant protector from all enemies;
you remove my fear, heal my mind and glorify my character with your love.

4I call out to my Creator for help,
and he provides all that I need from his dwelling place.

5I sleep well at night;
I wake refreshed because the Lord watches over me.

6I don’t live in fear of my numerous enemies
who sneak around behind me on all sides.

7Do it now, Lord!
Deliver me, my precious Savior!
Silence the mouths of my enemies;
make powerless their biting words.

8From my Creator comes freedom.
May your healing love fill the hearts of your people.