Psalms  ◦   Chapter 147

1Praise the Lord. O how good it is to sing praises to our Creator God,
how pleasant, beautiful and appropriate to praise him!

2The Lord establishes his people;
he brings his scattered children home.

3He heals the brokenhearted
and brings closure to their wounds.

4He counts the stars
and names each one of them.

5Great is our Lord and absolute in power;
his wisdom and understanding are infinite.

6The Lord intervenes on behalf of those who humbly surrender to him,
but those who refuse healing disintegrate back into the earth.

7Sing thanks to the Lord;
with stringed instruments, give praises to God.

8He designed and sustains the circle of life:
the clouds clothe the skies, bringing rain to the earth
and providing water for grass to grow on the hills —

9thus he feeds the cattle
and the young ravens when they call for food.

10He is not pleased by those who rely upon the power of warhorses
or place their confidence in human strength;

11the Lord delights in those who revere and rely upon him —
who put their trust in his unfailing love.

12Praise the Lord, you people of righteousness;
praise your God, you citizens of his kingdom of love,

13for he strengthens your resolve to resist evil
and blesses all those who unite with you in love.

14He brings healing and peace within your borders
and satisfies you with the Bread of heaven.

15He sends commands throughout the earth, that govern nature —
his will instantaneously sustains its operation.

16He permits snow to blanket the earth
and frost to dust the land,

17he allows hail to fall like crumbs.
Who can stand against such cold?

18At his direction, the seasons change and the ice melts;
he brings the warm spring breezes, and snowmelt flows.

19He has revealed his will to his people,
his design-law and methods to those who unite with him and overcome.

20He has not done this for the heathen — those who prefer selfishness;
they do not know his laws — his designs of love, truth and liberty.
Praise the Lord.