Psalms  ◦   Chapter 40

1With eager expectation I looked for the Lord:
he drew near to me and heard me crying.

2I was drowning in despair, near death, but he pulled me out;
he pulled me out of the miry abyss.
He placed me on the solid Rock
and gave me a new firm standing.

3He inspired me to sing a new song —
praise to our God of love.
May many see what God has done and be overwhelmed with admiration
and trust the Lord completely.

4Happy are the people
who trust the Lord unreservedly,
who do not turn to the self-sufficient —
to those who promote the false gods who can be moved by bloody sacrifice.

5Many, O Lord my God,
are the marvelous wonders you have done,
your magnificent design for life and plan for us —
no one could describe them all.
I will proclaim and speak of them,
yet there are more than I could ever tell.

6You never desired sacrifices or offerings,
but an open heart eager to understand.
Burnt offerings and sin offerings
are not what your heart longed for.

7Then I said, "Here I am, I have come —
I am the one written about in the Scriptures.

8I have come to fulfill your will of love, O my God;
your character, methods and design of love are within my heart."

9Before the entire universe I have proved your method of love to be right;
I always speak the truth,
as you, O Lord, already know.

10I have not kept to myself your plan to heal and restore humanity;
I tell of your constancy — that your design laws never change — and of your Remedy.
I have revealed to the entire universe
your methods of love and truth.

11O Lord, you do not withhold your compassionate mercy from me;
your love and truth always protect me.

12For numerous evils swarm all around me;
the corruption to your design has taken hold on me, and I cannot see through it.
The breaks to your design are more than the hairs on my head,
and my heart fails within me.

13Be pleased and deliver me, O Lord;
Hurry, Lord, help me now!

14Let those who seek to kill me
experience shame and humiliation;
let all who seek to harm me
run away in guilt and disgrace.

15Let those who mocked and jeered at me
be destroyed by their own shame.

16But may everyone who seeks you
be restored to health and happiness as they unite with you;
may those who love your Remedy always say,
"The Lord is the greatest!"

17As for me, I have no strength and I need you,
so keep me in your thoughts, O Lord.
You are my helper and my Healer;
O my God, act quickly!