Psalms  ◦   Chapter 11

1I am always safe in God’s hands.
How can you urge me:
"Run to the mountains for a safe hiding place,"

2just because the selfish draw their weapons,
load them,
and prepare to shoot without warning, from the shadows,
at those who love others and do what is right?

3When God’s design protocols for life — love and truth — are rejected
and replaced by arbitrary rules,
what can those who love God’s designs do?

4Remember this: The Lord remains in his dwelling place;
the Lord reigns from his heavenly throne.
He watches the descendants of Adam;
he examines every person thoroughly.

5Those who love others he diagnoses as restored to rightness with him,
but he hates selfishness and maliciousness;
he diagnoses those who remain selfish as terminal.

6He will unveil his life-giving fiery glory of love and truth upon the selfish —
it will be to them like burning coals of torment:
they experience reality — the Spirit of love and truth burns out selfishness and deceit.

7For the Creator is putting things right—back the way he built life to operate;
he loves harmony with his design,
hence those restored to other-centered love will live in his presence forever.