Psalms  ◦   Chapter 76

1God has revealed himself in Judah;
his character of love is powerfully proclaimed in Israel.

2His embassy — his refuge on earth —
is in Salem.

3There he destroys the fiery arrows of the evil one;
he provides the shield of trust and the sword of truth — his weapons of war.

4You are radiant with truth and love,
a magnificent mountain of selflessness — a Lamb led to slaughter.

5The soldiers of selfishness lie ravaged,
they sleep in death;
not one of their warriors
can raise a hand.

6At your loving rebuke, O God of Jacob,
the engines of destruction cease.

7You are awe-inspiring, the only One to be revered.
Who can stand in your presence without your consent?

8From heaven, you accurately diagnosed their terminal condition —
the people are stunned and stand silent

9when you, O God, rise up to pronounce your diagnosis
and heal the humble people of earth.

10Truly, humanity’s rebellion and rage confirm your diagnosis,
as you take their venom and hostility upon yourself.

11Commit yourself to the Lord your God and fulfill your commitment;
surround him with gifts and reverent devotion.

12His truth and love humble proud princes;
the haughty kings of the earth fear him.