Psalms  ◦   Chapter 91

1All who live with renewed hearts — covered in the righteousness of the Most High —
will rest under the protection of the Ruler of the universe.

2They will say of the Lord, "He is my remedy and my security,
my God, in whom I trust."

3He will save you from devious traps —
the pestilence of malicious speech and deadly lies.

4He will cover you in his perfect righteousness,
and under his healing care you will be renewed;
his faithfulness will be your remedy and immunity.

5You will not be afraid of the dreadful fears that assail the mind in the dark,
nor the verbal attacks that fly like arrows in the daytime,

6nor the pestilence of fear and doubt that creep into the heart at night,
nor the plague of guilt and shame that destroys the soul when the light shines in.

7A thousand may die of unremedied sin beside you
and tens of thousands at your right hand,
but eternal death will not come near you.

8Yes, you will see with your own eyes
how sin destroys those who reject my healing remedy.

9Because you have made the Lord your shelter —
the Most High your abiding place —

10no evil will infect your heart,
nor will corruption come into your home.

11For he will command his angels to watch over you,
to guard and protect you and keep you safe:

12they will hold you in their hands,
so that you won’t hurt your foot stumbling on a stone.

13You will tread upon evil forces — the ravenous lions and slithering snakes;
you will trample the great lion — the predator of good, the ancient serpent.

14The Lord says, "I will heal those who love and trust me;
I will protect them because they have partaken of my character.

15When they call out to me, I will answer them;
I will be with them in times of trouble,
I will rescue them from sinfulness
and restore them to my glorious design.

16I will heal them
and give them eternal life."