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Psalms  ◦   Chapter 82

1God takes a stand against the assembly of false gods;
he presents his diagnosis regarding all pagan gods.

2He says, "When will you stop using a list of rules to govern?
When will you stop protecting selfishness with your legal system?

3Do what is actually right, healthy, and loving for all people;
protect the poor and the fatherless;
do what is right to the poor and oppressed — what heals and restores.

4Rescue the weak and needy;
deliver them from the power of selfishness.

5These false gods don’t understand reality;
they don’t understand my design-laws — how I built life to function;
they operate in the darkness of a rule-enforcement system
and the world is crumbling all around them.

6I say to you, fallen angels pretending to be gods,
"Even though you are all children of the Most High,

7you will die like mortals;
your life will end like that of any ordinary ruler."

8Rise up, O God, and diagnose the earth,
for the entire world belongs to you.